Friday, June 21, 2013

Belle's Dress

T is going to a birthday party tomorrow. Her little friend E is turning 4.
Now that the girls are in preschool I don't really know their friends as well as I used to. I emailed E's mom to find out what she is into. "She loves dora, playdoh, princess belle, paints, dress-up and clothes - especially frilly ones." I think I nailed it. We'll find out soon.
My favorite local fabric warehouse had this beautiful buttery satin and I managed to snag 2 1/2 yards for $5. The deals you can get when you're willing to work around imperfections can be fantastic!
I took a basic peasant dress top. (I used the pattern pieces from this pattern.)
From there I made a simple A-line underskirt in white. The top skirt was just a rectangle, cut the width of the satin by about 10 inches longer than the underskirt. After attaching the two skirts to the bodice I put the dress on the dress form and started pinning. I followed Melly Sew's tutorial for the skirt. It was really easy. It was a bit tedious trying to do it with the girls around, but once they went to bed I was able to get into a rhythm and found myself shocked when I realized I was down to only two pins left.
I am really excited to give this to her little friend. Are you good at giving birthday gifts? What is your favorite gift you've ever given?


  1. Think I can sneak into that girl's party and pretend to be her? That dress is the epitome of adorable and I need it in my life. O_____O

  2. So cute and a great idea to use a peasant dress pattern as your starting point.