Monday, July 26, 2010

Making a Watermark

A friend of mine lamented over twitter this morning that she wants to be able to add a watermark to photos in photoshop. (Actually she wants to learn more about photoshop, so I foresee more of these posts coming as well)
I know how to do this so I thought I'd share.

But first, a disclaimer for Etsians.
A lot of the times when I'm making a treasury I want to feature something but it has a big fat watermark that ruins the photo. Be tasteful in your watermarks. I personally always crop my images for etsy to be 1000 pixels square. Etsy will crop your image to fit 170 x 135 for the front page, as well as for treasury features. (For the finds it's 200 pixels square)
This means that in order for your watermark to not be shown in the treasury it needs to be in the part of the image that gets cropped out.
If you want to just take treasuries and front page into account and not worry about the finds here is the math:
Figure out how tall your watermark is. Mine's 100px. Multiply that number by 2 (thus 200px) Because Etsy crops evenly on the top and bottom, that is how much you need to extend your image.
A 170 x 135 image becomes 1000 x 794 when enlarged to be 1000px wide. Thus to hide my 100px high watermark I need to make my image 1000 x 994. (But I'm just going to make it square because I like it that way)
Here's what the picture above looks like in a treasury.

Onto watermarking!
The easiest way I have found to watermark is to make a layer that you copy onto every image. Unfortunately you can't save layers in jpeg, gif or png, the three formats Etsy accepts. So make sure you save an unwatermarked version of the image before you save it with the watermark. In case you ever want to go back and change your watermark, crop the image etc etc.
So first we create the image we want for our water mark. To do this we want an invisible layer and a layer with our watermark design on it. (I like using white for my watermarks but you can experiment with other colors, it will be translucent when we are done) Because I like mine white, I like to have a temporary black layer so I can see what I'm working on.

Open a new file. (I made mine square so I can play with how it'll fit on my images)

Make a new layer

Fill that layer in with black

The text tool will automatically make a new layer for your text.

Change the opacity of the layer (This might need to be adjusted after you apply it depending on the brightness of the image)

Delete the black layer

Open the image you want to watermark

Make any adjustments (see my curves layer?)

Drag the watermark layer onto the photo and drop it. Make sure the watermark layer is the very top layer. Move it to where you want it on the image and voila!

Sew Along: The Final Steps

To finish the dress you need bias tape for straps.
Bias tape is cut "on the bias" which means diagonally. This means it stretches and is A LOT easier to apply along curves.

I did a great tutorial on how to make bias tape from a small amount of fabric. Bias Tape Tutorial
Once you've made the bias tape, cut it to the length you need. (you can tell from the pattern, or you can estimate - though it's definitely better to guess too long than too short!)

Once you've made your strips, Fold in half and crease enough that you can find the center. Line the center of each strip up and pin to the center of the under arms as identified by the seam.

You'll have a section over hanging to make the ties with. (This image is from a different project so you can't see the over hang here)
Sew the strap to the underarm.

Then follow the directions in the Bias Tape Tutorial for making a clean strap end.

Fold over the bias tape and sew from one end to the other.

Repeat with the other side!

And the FINAL step?
Email me photos of your work so I can include you in the wrap up!
mylittlegirlscloset at gmail dot com

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little about me a little about you

One of my favorite blogs Luv in the Mommyhood has posted "a little about me and a little about you!"
I'll bite. Here are my answers. Want to join in? Take the first word of each line and fill in the rest! Post it on your blog and come back and link me!

Making: plans tons and tons of plans
Cooking: nothing, I'm on clear fluids today
Drinking: vitamin water
Reading: blogs online
Wanting: a new macbook pro
Looking: at the toddler trying to put markers up her nose
Playing: Dr Mario
Wasting: time, I could be doing something productive
Sewing: my autumn collection
Wishing: money grew on trees
Enjoying: watching the baby learn to crawl
Waiting: For a package from Canada
Liking: my issue of Ottobre, I want a subscription!
Wondering: Why babies grow up so fast.
Loving: My family
Hoping: That timing works out with my friend's baby and me going to visit
Marvelling: at T standing in front of the tv naming and signing things she sees
Needing: A nap
Smelling: Febreeze
Wearing: PJs
Noticing: The lack of humidity - as shown by the lack of tight curls in T's hair
Knowing: Time is fleating
Thinking: about two craft swaps I'm in
Bookmarking: some patterns I want to try
Opening: A new vitamin water
Giggling: At the girls blowing raspberries and giggling at each other.
Feeling: Apprehensive

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paper Cakes is having a HUGE Sale!

My friend Chelsea over at Paper Cakes Finds is having a SUPER sale because she's shutting down her etsy shop while she goes on Maternity Leave.
I highly recommend you check her out TONIGHT before she is gone forever. (Ok I'm exaggerating she'll be back in September, but do you really want to wait that long?)