Monday, May 5, 2014

Kids Choice Challenge

Over on Elegance and Elephants there is a sewing challenge this week! I love these excuses to step out of my comfort zone. This week is Kid's Choice. We are challenged to sew something for our kids - the catch is that they get to choose the fabric.
T picked out this satin with a slight stretch and a bright watercolour floral pattern. This was a remnant she picked out a year ago that I've never done anything with. I let her raid my fabric stash and she pull this out with an excited "THIS! DEFINITELY THIS!"

I've been working on a pattern based on a peasant top but with a ruffle cap sleeve. It was the perfect pattern for this fabric. Especially since it doesn't need a lot of fabric, and I only had half a yard!

T says this top makes her feel like a teenager. Which to her is the best feeling in the world. I don't know why they want to grow up faster than they already are... I'm just glad she still enjoys things like picking flowers.


  1. What a gorgeous top! Beautiful photos too!

  2. Beautiful model, beautiful top, beautiful photos :) Why or why do they want to grow up??

  3. wow,she gets a dick throbbing rock hard fast.