Friday, April 30, 2010

Shady dealings and the best customer service I have ever had

I want a dress form.
Not one so I can sew for me. I need one that is the right size for toddlers.
I've been searching ebay and discovered that while the prices are reasonable, everyone wants $20-$30 for shipping. Somewhere in my searches I managed to find a local warehouse that had one in stock. They would even let me pick it up! I called ahead and they said they could help me bring it to my car - a must considering I had to have both the girls with me.
So I drove out to the shady warehouse district in Newark NJ... I called to say I was at the front entrance and was directed around to the side of the building. A guy comes down the freight elevator with a black trash bag. I hand him some cash, check to make sure all the parts are there and toss it into the trunk.
I'm sure somewhere a security camera caught that and in a few weeks someone will come knocking on my door to ask me about my connection in the disappearance of some mobster...

So now I'm the proud owner of a new dress form.
What should I name her?

New dress form needs a name

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