Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oliver and S Puppet Show Dress and Tunic

Several weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on the Oliver and S Puppet Show dress.
Now that I have a dress form (who still needs a name!) I thought I would show you what I've made.

The first one is actually tunic length and has matching shorts in black with the darker blue bias trim. I still haven't sewn on the buttons or hand sewn the hem.
Puppet Show Dress in Blue

After making it I gained the confidence needed to play with the pattern a little. I decided to try upcycling a men's shirt. It worked out beautifully. There's even a pocket on the bum of the dress - I didn't want to remove it, I wanted to leave the integrity of its origins in tact. And the best part? No need to sew on the buttons or do the hem!
Puppet Show Dress from Man's shirt


  1. these are beautiful. Where did you get your dress form?

  2. They were awesome! They let me save shipping by picking it up. AND they brought it down to my car so I didn't have to unpack the kids to bring them into the warehouse.

  3. I love that dress form and the dresses are so cute!

  4. the upcycled men's shirt is a scream! glad you got your dress form :)

  5. Hi do you still have this pattern and do you want to sell it, it's out of stock everywhere!