Monday, March 22, 2010

In progress: Puppet Show Dress

My pattern arrived! Because I'm constantly chasing my two girls around, I don't get a lot of sewing time per day. Saturday I cut out all the pattern pieces and the fabric I needed. Sunday I assembled most of the tunic. I just need to sew on buttons and button holes now. The pants are ready and waiting for me to sew them.

In other news, we are redoing the girl's room. My husband stripped the entire room right down to the studs. (And in some places discovered that he needed to rebuild the studs too!) The closet finally got it's last coat of paint and the new hardware installed this weekend! I can finally hang things up! My big plans for today include putting away a ton of clean clothes. I've got two different colored hangers so it will be easy to identify who's clothes they are.

I can't wait to get their old room back! I'm going to move all my sewing stuff in there!

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