Monday, July 1, 2013

Going to the Fair

We took the girls to the carnival this weekend.

T has been begging to "go out" with her little friend P. We organized it so our families were at the fair together and they went on their first "date" (their words, not ours). They were adorable.
At one point during the evening he leaned over, put his hand on T's arm and asked her if she'd like him to win a prize for her. The sweetness of that gesture just melted my heart completely. Then T did something I'm proud of despite it spoiling the moment. She said "That's ok. I can win my own."
It looks like I have a budding rollercoaster buddy in little D. I had to take two seasons in a row off from riding because I was pregnant two summers in a row. Since then the logistics of going to an amusement park with two littles has evaded me. I'm hoping to get out to a park on my own at some point, but that hasn't happened yet. We went on Wednesday night as well. She said she didn't want to go on the swing (made for her age group) but insisted I take her on the Ferris Wheel. As we rode up she said "This ride is AMAZING". Saturday the line was too long, so instead she opted for the swing.
On our way back to rejoin the group she saw the strongman bell and needed to try it. It was supposed to be 3 tries for $2. She couldn't get a decent swing going and it was too cute (and there was no line) so she got to try a lot.
And sometimes you get a capture that makes you think "What's going on here". T was trying to close the teacup door and she literally got all up in D's face.

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